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ONZE KAAZ young mature (young medium) Gouda 48+


ONZE KAAZ young mature (medium) Gouda 48+ cheese is made with 100% pasture milk and vegetarian rennet.

  • 500gr
  • 750gr
  • 1kg

Onze Kaaz Young Mature 48+ is made based on a specific recipe for Maaz Cheese.

This cheese from the northern part of the Netherlands is made in Heerenveen. When it comes to technology, this cheese factory is unique in the Netherlands and consistently produces high-quality cheese. To achieve maximum taste and consistency in all age categories, it was necessary to develop two different recipes: young to mature and extra mature to over-aged. The cheeses from young to mature are characterized by exceptional smoothness and creaminess, but are easy to slice.
100% pasture milk and vegetarian rennet are used in the preparation of Onze Kaaz Young Mature 48+ cheese. The natural yellow color is enhanced with a vegetable colour extract: carotene. This comes from carrot and is not declared as an E number.

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500 gram, 750 gram, 1 KG