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-Interesting New Cheeses-

ONZE KAAZ Extra mature Gouda Cheese 48+

    • 1kg
    • 750gr
    • 500gr

ONZE KAAZ Extra mature Gouda Cheese 48+ is part of a series of cheeses with a special recipe from Maaz Cheese. This Northern Dutch cheese is made at Kaasmakerij Heerenveen.

Mature Goat Cheese

    • 1kg
    • 750gr
    • 500gr

Mature Goat Cheese is for lovers of a cheese board or real goat cheese fans, but feel free to taste it if you are not familiar!

De Boeren Schat Mature Farmhouse Cheese (Van Erk) 50+ (GT)

    • 1kg
    • 750gr
    • 500gr

De Boeren Schat Matured (Van Erk) 50+ is a Farmhouse Cheese with a soft spicy taste, for lovers of a delicious quality product.

-Top Sellers-

4,5 KG Whole Gouda cheese Veldhuyzen 48+


4.5 KG cheese Gouda Veldhuyzen is a Gouda cheese that has a mild, accessible taste and a creamy structure. It will be shipped uncut.

Old, easy-to-cut 36 WK The Rotterdam Old Cheese

    • 1kg
    • 750gr
    • 500gr
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  • In stock. Order today, fast delivery
  • Vacuum sealed. Fresh for at least 2 months
Sale! Onze Kaaz jongOnze Kaaz jong stuk

ONZE KAAZ young (mild) Gouda Cheese 48+

    • 1kg
    • 750gr
    • 500gr

ONZE KAAZ young (mild) 48+ cheese is exceptionally smooth and creamy and is prepared at Kaasmakerij Heerenveen with 100% pasture milk and vegetarian rennet.

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