Boeren Schat oud stuk

De Boeren Schat cheese: a treasure that should be discovered

De Boeren Schat (which translates to The Farmers’ Treasure) cheese is worth discovering and writing a blog about. There is quite a bit to discover in this beautiful line of cheeses.

Small-scale production

To start off: this series contains some very nice cheeses that are produced on a small scale. This means on a farm, and we often even mention the name of the farmer. This means you know where your cheese was made and makes it feel like a traditional product. In the Boeren Schat series we offer cheeses from Boer Onderwater, Van den Heuvel and Van Erk.

Raw or thermized milk

Whether something can be called a farmer’s cheese or a farmhouse cheese has to do with the temperature of the milk during the preparation of the cheese. If a cheese is made with milk fresh from the cow, then that cheese may be called Boerenkaas (Farmer’s Cheese) in the Netherlands. If the milk is first heated to 63 degrees (thermized), then the cheese made on the farm may be called farmhouse cheese under certain conditions.

De Boeren Schat series includes both types of cheeses, but you can easily see which type of cheese you are dealing with. Not only do you see the name of the type of cheese and in most cases the name of the farmer, but it also says (GT) or (RM) behind it. GT stands for Thermized and RM stands for Raw Milk.

Herbal cheeses in De Boeren Schat Series

This series of cheeses contains a number of herbal cheeses that are worth trying: fenugreek, mustard, pepper mix and truffle are available.

Other Farmer’s Cheeses

If you are now thinking: no cumin? That’s right, but we have another series that includes a cumin cheese: Boerenkaas from Boer Mulder. That series is not part of De Boeren Schat, but it does contain a delicious cumin cheese. If you would like to see our entire collection of Farmer’s Cheeses, you can do so on one page. There you will also see the garden herb version of Mulder’s Farmer’s Cheese and the red and green pesto cheeses.

Would you like to order something?

We hope you feel like trying one of the many delicious cheeses highlighted here. You can order them on the individual product pages or you can view our full selection of cheeses and cheese products in our Online Cheese Shop. Below you will see an overview of all cheeses in the Boeren Schat series, because this series is part of our relatively new collection.

These De Boeren Schat products are Farmer’s cheeses:

De Boeren Schat Young 48+ Farmer’s Cheese (Onderwater) (RM) (B)


De Boeren Schat Old Farmer’s Cheese (Van den Heuvel) 48+ (RM)

De Boeren Schat Fenugreek 48+ (RM)

De Boeren Schat Mustard 48+ (RM)

De Boeren Schat Pepper Mix 48+ (RM)

These are the farmhouse cheeses from De Boeren Schat:

De Boeren Schat Mature Farmhouse Cheese (Van Erk) 50+ (GT)


De Boeren Schat Young Mature (Young Medium) Farmhouse Cheese (Van Erk) 50+ (GT)


De Boeren Schat Extra Mature Farmhouse Cheese (Van Erk) 50+ (GT)


De Boeren Schat Truffle 50+ (GT)