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Friesblond cheese is popular!

Our Friesblond cheese was delivered in style last week

They were loaded off a trailer decorated with a photo of an enormous Friesblond cheese. When we look outside, views like that make our day! It means we just sold a large amount of Friesblond.
It is great to see a relatively new cheese doing so well on our website. But we are especially happy when satisfied customers let us know on Trustpilot or by email that they value our service. They often mention the website makes ordering easy, or they say our cheese tastes good and is affordable. We very much enjoy reading positive feedback.

More about Friesblond cheese

Friesblond cheese is a newcomer in our range and consists of a series. We have a  page in our webshop that lists them. This cheese is as it should be: naturally ripened, with a delicious, creamy taste. We carry different ages. You can choose between young, young matured, matured, extra matured and old Friesblond cheese.

Easy to order

You can easily order cheese by simply indicating the desired weight and how many pieces you would like. If you order more, you will get free shipping. If you place an order earlier in the day on a weekday, you will receive the cheese within two days! Naturally, we ship all our cheese in high-quality vacuum packaging. The cheese can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator, which is  useful to know if you have a larger order.

We hope to see that beautiful truck many more times! Ultimately, we would like to supply the whole country and beyond with tasty, high-quality but also affordable cheese. Do you prefer cheese with herbs or  cheese from other countries? No problem, we have those too. You can find our entire range in our online cheese shop.