Farmer’s Cheese (Boerenkaas) and Farmhouse Cheese (Boerderijkaas)….what’s the difference?

Boerenkaas (Farmer’s Cheese) is one of our most sold cheeses at Cromwijk Uw Kaasboer. But with the new selection of cheeses that are available, we are not only introducing a number of new Farmer’s cheeses, but also a few Farmhouse cheeses. So we are already expecting the question: what is exactly the difference?

Raw Milk Farmer’s Cheese

Boerenkaas (Farmer’s Cheese) is, as the name suggests, a cheese made by a farmer. It is also a protected name, so not every farmer is allowed to use it to describe their cheese. Only when many rules regarding Farmer’s cheese have been followed, the cheese that is made on the farm can really be called Farmer’s cheese. One of the most important rules is that Farmer’s cheese must be made from unheated, raw milk.
The real connoisseurs taste a traditional, full flavour in Farmer’s cheese that is so unique, that they like to order Farmer’s cheese from us again and again.

We offer two smaller, whole cheeses, both of which fall under the Farmer’s cheese category: Farmer’s cheese 500 gram and Farmer’s cheese +/- 1 kg.

There is a relatively new line on the website: De Boeren Schat cheese. Not all cheeses in this line are made from raw milk, but some are, namely:

De Boeren Schat Young  Farmer’s Cheese (Onderwater) 48+ (RM) (B)

De Boeren Schat Mustard 48+ (RM)

The Boeren Schat Old Farmer’s Cheese (Van den Heuvel) 48+ (RM)

De Boeren Schat Pepper Mix 48+ (RM)

As you can see, there is always RM behind every De Boeren Schat cheese that is made from Raw Milk.

Thermized Farmhouse Cheese

Farmhouse cheese is also made on a specific farm, but not from raw milk. The milk of farm cheese with (GT) behind the name has been heated to 63 degrees. GT stands for Thermized Milk.

We are offering the following cheeses:

De Boeren Schat Young Mature Farmhouse Cheese (Van Erk) 50+ (GT)

De Boeren Schat Mature Farmhouse Cheese (Van Erk) 50+ (GT)

De Boeren Schat Extra Mature Farmhouse Cheese (Van Erk) 50+ (GT)

De Boeren Schat Truffle 50+(GT)

All Mulder cheeses are also Farmhouse cheeses.

If your diet or circumstances prevent you from consuming raw milk, Farmhouse cheese may be a solution. If not, we also sell a lot of good quality and very tasty cheeses that are made with pasteurized milk. That is milk that has been heated to 72 degrees Celsius.

Farmer’s Cheese and Farmhouse Cheese

But let’s go back to Farmer’s cheese and Farmhouse cheese for a moment. Both are very beautiful, traditional cheeses that are made on a farm and can therefore have their own specific flavour. Everyone experiences flavour differently, so one person will appreciate the subtle taste differences more than the other, but given the feedback we receive on Trustpilot, it is definitely worth trying a Farmer’s cheese or a Farmhouse cheese.
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