Exchanges And Returns

We are always happy to prepare your order for you. Normally, you cannot return an order.

If you notice that a piece of cheese is no longer vacuum packed, it is best to use that piece first. That product will keep for a while. If several pieces of cheese are no longer vacuum-sealed immediately after arrival, you can contact our customer service to see how we can best resolve this with you. Please do so within two working days.
We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by (domestic) animals or incorrect delivery of the shipment or other things that happened through no fault of ours. If you have opened any packaging, unfortunately you cannot return the item.
In some other cases, you can. In specific cases, we will reimburse the cost of shipping and also refund you the purchase price, for example if we sent the incorrect product. If you have accidentally ordered something wrong yourself, you may be able to get a refund in specific cases, but you pay for the return shipping.

If after reading these instructions, you think you may qualify for a return, please follow these steps:

Returning your order?

  1. First, contact our customer service team to discuss whether you are eligible for the return procedure and, if so, what reimbursement you are eligible for.
  2. After an agreement, we will send you an e mail with the agreed procedure. Please return the products in their original condition, undamaged and unopened, in their original box, including a printout of the e-mail you received about this.
  3. Use the address details you received from customer service
  4. Make sure the current address sticker is crossed out.

Once we have received your return, we will send you a confirmation of receipt. If all conditions are met, we will then refund the agreed costs. This may take several working days.

Contact information Customer Service

Our customer service team can be reached at 06-18493349 (mobile), Monday to Friday 08:00-20:00. Or send an e-mail to