+/- 4,5 KG Whole Gouda cheese 48+


4.5 KG cheese Gouda is a Gouda cheese that has a mild, accessible taste and a creamy structure. It will be shipped uncut.

4.5 kilos is a good indication of the weight, but every cheese weighs slightly more or less.

Farmer’s Cheese (Boerenkaas) 500 Gram


A nice cheese to order as a gift or to order for yourself! The weight is not precise, as it is a natural product. It can sometimes be a bit lighter.

Farmer’s Cheese (Boerenkaas) 1 kg


This farmer’s cheese is a real regional product with a soft and creamy taste. It is a very accessible cheese that will appeal to everyone. At Cromwijk Uw Kaasboer you can easily order this tasty cheese online.

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