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Farmer’s Cheese (Boerenkaas) 1 kg


This farmer’s cheese is a real regional product with a soft and creamy taste. It is a very accessible cheese that will appeal to everyone. At Cromwijk Uw Kaasboer you can easily order this tasty cheese online.

This Farmer’s cheese 1 kg is made from raw milk and is therefore a popular type of cheese. It is a protected term, so not all cheeses can be called Farmer’s Cheeses. This tasty farmer’s cheese is delivered to us as a whole cheese and we send it as a whole cheese, so we don’t cut it. Please note that the weight often reaches 800 grams: this varies slightly per farmer’s cheese. However, you can tell that this cheese is made in a traditional way!

Create a delicious cheese board with Farmer’s cheese 1 kg

This delicious cheese is great to give as a gift or to cut yourself for a snack! Combine this cheese with one of our Cheese Gift Packages, invite some great company and enjoy a wonderful evening . Order this delicious farmer’s cheese in our online cheese shop and enjoy the full and creamy taste.

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