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Friesblond mature (medium)


  • Creamy, slightly salty taste
  • Matured naturally for 4 months
  • Smooth texture
  • 500gr
  • 750gr
  • 1kg
  • 1,5 KG
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Friesblond mature is four months old

If you like a slightly salty cheese that has been aged a little longer, then Friesblond Mature is a good choice: this delicious cheese has been aged for 4 months.
Friesblond was developed in Friesland and shows its Frisian origins: down-to-earth and without frills or 100% natural. Cheese as it should be: naturally ripened, with a delicious, creamy taste and made with attention to the welfare of the cows and love for nature.

The Friesblond flavour

You can recognize this delicious mature cheese by its creamy, slightly salty taste. Cheese lovers will also recognize a characteristic sweetness.
Friesblond is made from meadow milk from meadows where cows don’t only eat grass, but also clover, meadow flowers and much more. The high-quality meadow milk from these cows is supplied regionally by dairy farmers. This beautiful mature cheese is made in the middle of Friesland, in the cheese factory in Heerenveen. The cheese makers work with the most modern techniques, but Friesblond is consciously made in a traditional way.

The ripening method also affects the taste. Our Friesblond cheese is naturally matured. After production, our Friesblond cheeses are given their own place on a wooden shelf in our cheese storage and there they ripen until they have developed the typical Friesblond flavour in a completely natural way. That takes more time, but also produces taste. After all, we want to make the tastiest cheese for you to enjoy.

A whole series

You can order this beautiful mature cheese on this page. We also offer a whole range of Friesblond cheeses! Our Northern Dutch cheeses also come from Friesland.

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500 gram, 750 gram, 1 KG, 1,5 KG