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A few Changes

We’ll slowly be changing a few things here in the near future, but we’d also like to remain your trusted Cheese Shop. What kind of changes can you expect? We are trying to create our own image while we keep what is good and improve where we can.

It all started last year with improving the speed of the website and then we made a lot more translations into German and English, allowing even more people to find us.
We also started Action Cheese and other offers at the beginning of this year, which will hopefully make you come back to place another order soon. We also make some things more personal by adding a personal note to your parcel and by regularly writing a blog about what’s happening behind the scenes. We would like to tell you that we love to make you happy with a nice piece of fresh cheese.

Hence the new logo we will be using on the website soon, which suits us and the new direction we are carefully taking. You can already see it here,
Moreover, we will be adding some very attractive types of cheese to our assortment.

We also have a question for you: which types of cheese would you like to order here and are you missing now? But also: in what way could we improve our service even more?

We would love to hear your suggestions!

Send your ideas to and we will be happy to see your input. Perhaps we’ll feature the cheese you suggested right here in a future blog. Because excellent new cheese deserves a nice introduction.