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Very old, over-aged 30+ Gouda Cheese from North Holland


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Do you like a very old cheese? Then the extra sharp, over-aged 30+ cheese might be the tastiest cheese for you. This cheese comes from the province of North Holland. In addition, it is a real Gouda cheese, which you can recognize by the round model. The cheese is characterized by its hard structure and its spicy, salty taste. This crumbly cheese has been on thick wooden shelves for at least two years to develop the perfect taste for this cheese.

Over-aged cheese for a cheese platter, on sandwiches or for cooking

You can cook wonderfully with our over-aged 30+ cheese, but it is also delicious to cut into cubes for a cheese platter or to cut into slices for a sandwich. Is this cheese a bit too strong for you? Then discover its younger brother, the old 30+ cheese, which is easy to cut, but still has a wonderful, strong taste, or possibly a younger 30+ Gouda cheese.


1 KG, 500 gram, 750 gram

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