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Mild Gouda Cheese from North Holland


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The young cheese North Holland Gouda

This young Gouda cheese from the province of North Holland is the youngest in the range. The cheese is aged for 4-6 weeks on wooden shelves. As a result, this young cheese develops into a wonderfully creamy cheese. You can recognize a real North Holland Gouda by the stamp on the cheese. You can see exactly where this cheese is from.

Where is this cheese made?

This young Gouda cheese from North Holland is made from 100% pasture milk (pasteurized), from farmers in North Holland. The region is important because the cows graze on blue clay. That gives it a flavourful grass that you can taste in the cheese. The cheese is then prepared by the best cheese masters at the cheese dairy in Lutjewinkel.

Storing young Gouda cheese from North Holland

Our specialists always cut the cheese fresh and vacuum-pack it. After receiving your order, you can easily store your cheese for 2 months at a constant temperature between 5-7 degrees, in the refrigerator. Regularly check whether the packaging is still vacuum-sealed.

Buy young Gouda cheese from North Holland

The cheese master inspects the young cheese to guarantee the highest quality and you can enjoy the tastiest young Gouda cheese without any worries. Are you looking for a more spicy cheese? Then maybe the Mature, medium cheese North Holland Gouda is something for you, or look at all of the Gouda cheeses from North Holland that we offer.

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1 KG, 500 gram, 750 gram

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