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Grass cheese


Yes, it’s back: our delicious grass cheese! The magic of grass cheese lies in the first spring breezes that blow over the fields. You will taste the essence of a Dutch spring in every bite!

  • 500gr
  • 750gr
  • 1kg

The tastiest cheese

For many people, grass cheese is the tastiest young cheese available. It is wonderfully creamy because the cows only eat grass in the meadow. The soft texture, combined with a slightly sweet and creamy taste, makes this cheese delicious. Grass cheese has a young ripening period, usually no longer than four weeks. This allows it to retain its soft texture and fresh taste. Because grass cheese is seasonal, it is only available for a limited period in the spring and early summer. It’s a real treat for cheese lovers who look forward to this special time of year to enjoy this unique cheese. Ours is from Onze Kaaz!

Bring a piece of spring into your home by ordering our grass cheese

Order your grass cheese today on this page and taste the freshness of the Dutch spring, wrapped in a tasty cheese. Or view all our cheeses in our online cheese shop. There is bound to be a cheese that suits you perfectly.

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500 gram, 750 gram, 1 KG

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