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Extra Matured Medium Farmer’s Cheese (Boerenkaas) from Stolwijk


This cheese is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and is aged for 16 to 18 weeks. That makes the Stolwijker cheese wonderfully creamy and rich in taste.

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Are you looking for a creamy but spicy farmer’s cheese (Boerenkaas)? Then this extra matured medium cheese from Stolwijk might be the cheese you are looking for. This cheese has a soft structure that is pleasant to grate and cut.

The milk that is processed in this cheese is not pasteurized, which gives the cheese a fuller, creamier taste. This raw-milk cheese is produced on the farm. This is reflected in the unique, powerful taste. This farmer’s cheese is available from us in packages of 500 grams, 750 grams and 1 kilo.

Do you think this cheese is too sharp? Discover his brother old farmer’s cheese from uncle Sjaak. Or try another old cheese, such as The Rotterdam Old cheeses. The Old Amsterdam cheese from our range is also highly recommended.


1 KG, 500 gram, 750 gram

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