New Vacuum Machine

Yes, we read them…those messages on Trustpilot and the emails.
We often read such sweet comments and every now and then there is a comment that makes us think: “we should do something about that”.

The comments revealed that occasionally cheese arrives at a destination that is no longer vacuum packed. That’s not ideal, even though you can still eat the cheese, of course. In that case, we always recommend eating that cheese first and storing it in the fridge as if it were wrapped in ordinary cheese paper. We put that cheese paper in the package with your order.

Anyway, so things went wrong from time to time, which we might find even more annoying than you. So now we have a new vacuum machine in our warehouse AND we have switched to somewhat thicker bags. So we hope it won’t happen again from now on. It’s time to show everyone our machine! Isn’t it beautiful?

Fresh cheese

With good vacuum packaging, cheese stays fresh for up to two months, but the packaging must of course be tightly wrapped around the cheese. That way, mould has little chance and the cheese stays tasty at the same time, because it does not dry out. So just leave the cheese in the vacuum-sealed bag until it’s time to take the first bite and keep knives and forks at bay until then, as a hole in the packaging is not ideal.

We will be happy to wrap your next piece of cheese for you with our new machine and send it to you… with a card and a piece of cheese paper.