Arjan Van Cromwijk Online Cheese Shop Says Hello

Hello, I am Arjan van Cromwijk, your Online Cheese Shop. It’s very nice to introduce myself here, so you know the face behind this website. I have been in the cheese business since childhood. As a little boy, I was already allowed to accompany my father to the warehouse for chores. From the age of 14 I have been standing on the market for Cromwijk Kaasdok. So I know a thing or two about delicious, fresh cheese!

Since a few months, I am the face of the online cheese shop of Cromwijk Kaasdok. You will probably have noticed some changes and improvements here on Cromwijk’s online shop. The website runs a lot faster now and translations are available in German and English. With this, we hope to introduce even more people to our online shop and the delicious cheeses we sell.

I enjoy making people happy and going the extra mile to make people feel valued as customers. I would appreciate it if you would tell a neighbour or another acquaintance about our Online Cheese Shop, so that we can make many more people happy with our service.

We listen to suggestions

When we look at the comments on Trustpilot, we are doing quite well! After some comments, we got a new vacuum machine and new vacuum bags so that we can package your cheese even better. We definitely pay attention to any suggestions customers give us.

If you have a suggestion or would like to share something with us, please email us at We are going to change and improve more things, but we also want to remain your trusted cheese shop, so we are happy to listen.

Deal-of-the-week Cheese

As you may have seen, we have started offering Deal-of-the week Cheese and other sales. Keep an eye on the website! Soon we will be adding several new cheeses to our collection. That’s an extra reason to visit our website regularly.